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Time to start something new? ENTER new markets

  • conduct market intelligence

  • review any existing plans you have undertaken

  • prepare a strategic intent based on results of market studies

Representation and Business Partnering in Germany or GCC

Intercultural Support in Germany or GCC

Come4investing can act as your representative in your target market and undertake a number of activities on your behalf:

  • organize meetings with key contacts for your in-market visits.

  • oversee your virtual office to give you visibility.

  • test the local market for suitability of your services.

  • identify potential partners, agents, licensees or other business contacts.

  • negotiate agreements on your behalf.

  • manage business establishment and development activities.

Come4investing will help you culturally integrate your international operations by providing:​

  • orientation programs, training and assistance in intercultural management; we offer one-on-one coaching for executives being expatriated, right through to workshops for the multicultural work environment.

  • translation and localization of all marketing and communications materials, both internal and external, to ensure that the nuances are clearly communicated.

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